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SAP Business One

An Affordable ERP for Manufacturing Industry

SAP offers manufacturing ERP software solutions that cover the automation of every aspect of your industrial manufacturing business including R&D/ Engineering, Sales, Sourcing/ Procurement, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Production Scheduling, Quality, Aftermarket Service and Finance.


SAP Business One ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing ERP software for businesses

The manufacturing industry is booming. With an increase in disposable income, people are looking for a diverse range of products. But do you have the necessary resources and expertise to quench their thirst?

Manufacturing ERP software will align your resources, streamline core manufacturing functions, and automate manual processes to speed up business activities. Unlike generic ERP systems, Enterprise Resource Planning software for manufacturing is customized to provide you with solutions central to your manufacturing activities. It has added functionalities for manufacturing-specific needs and integrates varied business processes such as finance & accounting, sales & marketing, and production with manufacturing.

The Manufacturing ERP system also provides a comprehensive view of the whole manufacturing chain, from procuring raw materials and monitoring the inventory to delivering finished goods. Simply put, your business will gain complete visibility into the manufacturing process.

You can automate processes, reduce operational expenses, increase profitability, and get a complete picture of the changing customer preferences and market trends. The best part is that you can get critical information on a single platform accessible to only authorized business stakeholders.

Features of SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Meet your industry challenges with SAP Business One feature-rich ERP for manufacturing industry.

An enhanced manufacturing industry requires effective planning and strategizing of resources for smooth deployment of inventory, process management and resources. SAP Business One for manufacturing supports all basic requirements of a modern manufacturing business. It provides an integrated, fast and easy solution and all documents and reports needed for decision making for all divisions of medium and small business. In the manufacturing industry, SAP Business One helps in effectively managing bills of materials (BOMs), production orders and material requirements in a centralized ERP system.

Following business functions of Manufacturing Companies are covered in SAP Business One for manufacturing:

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Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

All manufacturers are facing pressures in today’s economy. They are challenged to achieve profitable growth, survive margin pressure, become more flexible, exceed customer demands and manage an ever-expanding supply chain. Manufacturing ERP software serves as the backbone of the business to give visibility into operations, empower everyone in the organization, and provide efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Why Click ERP Services and SAP Solutions for Manufacturing Industry?

Click ERP Services puts your business first. With solutions for the small, midsize and large manufacturer we realize that one size does not fit all. We take the time to understand your requirements and processes before deciding the best fit SAP ERP solution.


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Manufacturing Industry across the globe trust Click ERP Services as their strategic business partner for one or more reasons.


Based on our understanding of business and technology challenges in the manufacturing industry, we propose ERP software for manufacturing as the ideal solution to stay ahead in the cutthroat business environment and curb costs manufacturing significantly.


The Click ERP Services team works closely with the client to assess their requirements and plan a roadmap for their SAP Business One journey.


We also go one milestone further and help our clients make the most out of their investment with SAP Business One by showing them how they can Reduce manufacturing bottlenecks get faster accurate and faster revenue tracking with a single software.

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