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Saral Mobile App

Saral Mobile App also called a Mobile Application or just an App is a software application designed to run on a mobile device. Nowadays, Mobile Apps have brought many changes into the marketplace including the way business is conducted. Today, we are heavily app-dependent and businesses of all shapes and sizes should think seriously about a way to use mobile apps to achieve more growth and multiply customer reach.

How to Download Saral Mobile App?

Saral Mobile App is on the market for both Android and IOS. To download the App, go to Play Store in Android/App Store in IOS and search for “Saral Accounts and Billing by Relyon Softech Ltd.”. Then download and install the App in your Mobile.

With SARAL, we’ve created the SARAL Mobile App to enhance customer service and foster customer loyalty. This app adds the X-factor to your business and helps you expand your customer base and increase engagement. SARAL Mobile App comes with an easy design making your work process easy.

Benefits of Saral Mobile App:

• Sales Order, Sales Invoice, and Collection Receipt can be generated and printed on the go, wherever you are.
• Auditors/CAs/Tax Practitioners can access their client’s data anywhere at any time
• Authorities can access real-time reports like Current Stock, Cash & Bank Books, Outstanding, Transactions Summary, Books of Accounts anywhere, anytime.
• Role based logins like Salesperson, Manager, Admin, and User are available with enhanced authentication.
• Single company data can be accessed by any number of mobile devices, by any number of users using their respective login credentials.
• Sales Order, Sales Invoice and Receipt PDF copy can be shared through WhatsApp, Email and any other document sharing application installed in the device.
• Multi Branch data can also be accessed with user security
• Item Barcode/QR Code can be scanned to select the particular item in the Sales Order and Sales Invoice.
• Periodic Data synchronization will take place with the local desktop server database.
• Multiple companies can access in a single login

Saral Mobile App Configuration, Utilization and Reports in Saral Billing and Accounts:


In Saral Billing/Accounts Desktop Application:

  • Create a company then Go to Master >> click on Cloud Registration tab >> enable Register for Mobile/Web/Data Exchange >> click on Cloud Registration link and here enter your Email Id and Mobile No. then click on Generate OTP. Immediately you will receive the OTP into mentioned mobile no. then enter that OTP in Enter Generated OTP option and click on Register button to register the respective company in Cloud Server and click on Close button.
  • Note: Mandatory to enable user logins and enter respective user mobile number and email id in Tools >> Company Security >> User Logins. Or enable Sales Person and create Sales Persons with Mobile number and Email id in Master General Settings >> General tab. Save the entries and close.
  • Now click on Enable Mobile/Web Access and click on Apply button.
  • Then click on Mobile/Web Access tab. Here select the respective transaction format to Inventory Sales, Sales Order, Receipt Voucher, Receipt Bank Ledger and Report Size to print the invoice.
  • And Enable/Disable that With Approval option as per requirement.
  • Then click on Sync Company Details link and click on Apply button
  • Then click on Sync Users/Sync Sales Person option >> here select the respective Users/Sales Persons who all need access in Saral Mobile App and click on Ok button then Apply.

In Saral Mobile App:

  • Open Saral Mobile App on mobile, then enter the respective login Email id and click on the Sign In button.
  • Then will get an OTP to the respective mobile number which is linked with this email id entered in Users/Sales Person master in Saral Accounts/Billing.
  • Then enter the OTP received and pre Verify and Proceed button to log in to Saral Mobile App.


  • We can generate Sales Orders, Sales Invoice and Receipt and print/share with reports instantly.


  • We can get Current Stock, Cash & Bank books, Outstanding, Transactions Summary, Books of Accounts and GST Reports.
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Automate your business with Click ERP
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